BikeCave.eu was created so as to become the exclusive distributor of ξ /ksi/ cycling products and at the same time host a variety of 3rd party bike tools, parts and accessories.

Both the BikeCave.eu and the ξ /ksi/ cycling brand are part of the professional and entrepreneurial activities of Alexandros Siasos. Thus, managing to keep both the production and the distribution in our own hands, we can provide you with uncompromised quality in the best possible prices for our in-house brand! If you want to learn more about the profile and background of Alexandros Siasos, you can visit his personal website (link) and subscribe to the relevant YouTube channel (link).

Additionally, we are continuously trying to expand our collection of tools, parts, and accessories with everything that a proper BikeCave needs so as to keep your bikes in top notch condition! However, it has to be mentioned that in terms of bike parts and accessories our bike shop is heavily influenced by the bike trials scene, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find products that can be used on all bikes. So, take some time to look at our products list and we’re sure that you will find some interesting and unique listings!

Finally, it’s needless to mention that we are always happy to discuss with you about your bike projects, as well as solve any inquiries that may arise about the products we host!